Telegraph Fire "Before & After"

Here are some side-by-side pictures showing different views of our property before and after the fire and salvage logging operations.  Some of the pictures are from many years earlier when the forest was dense (too dense?) with foliage

This is a view of our property from across the canyon showing the immediate aftermath of the fire, then one year later after salvage logging operations.


Here is a "close-up" of the area around the house from across the canyon.


The road into our property was once lined with Ponderosa pine and Black Oak trees.


Here is the entrance to our property a few days after the fire and one year later.


Continuing on the driveway where the dense forest is now completely gone.


With the forest gone, we can now see the horizon to the Northwest (the shot of the mobile home is from 1999).


Stony Point and the lower portion of Mount Bullion Ridge Road are now visible from the house.


Here is another view of the Northwest horizon and Stony Point from above the house.


This is a view along the driveway (near the cabin) heading out showing Stony Point no longer obscured by the forest.


Here is another view from the cabin showing how dense the forest once was.
The picture on the left shows a large rock that had encroached the driveway being blasted apart. 


Shown here is the mobile home exiting our property in 1999 and the same view 10 years later.


The End (We hope!)

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